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The Albion Roar - 10th April 2024 with guests Mark Brailsford and Claire Highton-Stevenson

Mark and Roar debutant Claire join Ady & Al to discuss the state of women's football at Brighton, while Mark talks of how his acting workshop has clearly paid dividends to one Arsenal player...


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The Albion Roar - 3rd April 2024 with guest Kieran Maguire

The Albion has just posted some record-breaking, eye-watering profits, unprecedented for a club of our size. Kieran Maguire turns these profit and loss spreadsheet figures into plain English.


The Albion Roar - 28th March 2024 with guest Vicki Rees

A truncated, podcast-only show this week while Albion fans indulge in some thumb-twiddling. This week's show features an 'Albion So Far This Season' Quiz between Vicki and Ady. How well will you get on?

Shirt of the Week is absolutely Grötz.


The Albion Roar - 20th March 2024 with guests Andy Bass and Tom Hylands

With the Albion exiting the Europa League, Andy and Tom join Ady and Al in an eight-match review of a simply brilliant time had by (mostly) all. More, please.

Oh, and Shirt of the Week was the first time every guests got it right immediately.


The Albion Roar - 13th March 2024 with guest Jason Thackeray

Jason joins Ady and Al to take a look back two contrasting performances and results for Brighton, against Roma and against Nottingham Forest.


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